Students try the ketogenic diet
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Students try the ketogenic diet

Published 01/18/18

Ciarra Hankins

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The new year often brings new resolutions. One common resolution is getting fit. In attempts to become more fit, individuals may exercise more or participate in a new diet trend.

“I love seeing all of the new people at the gym during January and February,” said Chermara Wharry, Idabel senior. “There are so many people who get frustrated when the ‘resolutioners’ fill the gym, but it is exciting to know that there are people who will stay dedicated and they are taking the first step to changing their lives.”

One of the diets trending this year is the ketogenic diet. Similar to the Atkins diet, the ketogenic diet involves cutting carbs. Unlike the Atkins diet, the ketogenic diet does not work in phases. A diet that consists of a lack of carbs causes the body to go through ketosis, which makes the body burn fat for energy. Carbs are found in a large amount of foods such as bread, fruit, soda and most foods with a large amount of sugar.

“The first month is the hardest,” said Lauren Isom, McAlester senior. “Once I got past the first few weeks, not eating carbs became routine for me. Learning more about the keto diet and trying new recipes is fun! Instead of focusing on what I cannot have, I focus on how to make the most out of what I can have.”

Dr. Cassandra R. Crawford-Ciglar currently serves as department chair of health professions, program chair of nutritional sciences, program director of the didactic program in dietetics and faculty sponsor of Student Nutrition Association. Ciglar provided advice for those who plan on making a lifestyle change.

“Make goals that are measurable,” said Ciglar. “Don't just say that you want to lose weight. Instead, make your goal something that you can measure. Set your goals with a number and a time frame: ‘I will drink water over pop for all my meals this week.’”

Cigar said that by telling others one’s goals they can help keep one on track with a lifestyle change. Support and small changes are key.

“Having someone go to the gym with me keeps me on track,” said Isom. “I am so lucky to have support from my friends. Doing the keto diet and working out with someone else helps me be held accountable. When I do not make it to the gym, I not only let myself down, but I also let my gym partner down. She also makes me want to go on days that I have no motivation.”

The FIT on NSU’s Tahlequah campus provides a place for students to get started on their fitness goals and maintain an active lifestyle. It is a resource available to students that is included in fees for full-time students and faculty. Part-time student and faculty memberships are available at a discounted rate. There are two stories of workout equipment, two basketball courts, an indoor track and an indoor swimming pool. There are also group fitness classes and intramural sports available. The FIT is open to the public.

For more information on The FIT membership rates and hours of operation, visit

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