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American Association of University Women advocates for NSU’s majority population

Published 2/13/18

Tabby Talbot

TNE Writer

Women make up more than half of NSU’s student population. Out of a total of 7,906 undergraduate and graduate students on campus in October of 2017, 4,909 were women. These numbers are why the American Association of University Women is active on campus.

Amanda Patton, AAUW secretary, said the AAUW is a powerful organization whose efforts are to lend a helping hand to women in a university setting. Their mission statement is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

“With so much of NSU being of the female population, we hope that our presence here opens new doors for women to find themselves on even ground with their male counterparts in degrees that are normally considered ‘for men,’ as well as breaking the stereotypes facing women in college communities,” said Patton. “We hope to work with our campus to continually improve and modernize our safety regulations, as well as keeping our students informed as to updates in Title IX, safety courses and reproductive health. It is our hope that with the AAUW we can take the first steps to a generation of complete equality.”

Bailey Zagrabelney, AAUW treasurer, believes the AAUW is especially important in today’s society because of the pay gap women still experience in the workplace.

“Currently women still only make 70 cents on the dollar that a man would make doing the same job,” said Zagrabelney.

While equal pay is one thing the AAUW advocates for, the end of sexual assault and harassment on college campuses is another. In the past, one of the biggest events the AAUW has conducted is their Slut Walk.

“It’s a peaceful demonstration in which we as an organization will walk through campus with signs,” said Zagrabelney. “The purpose of Slut Walk is essentially a march against rape culture and the ‘she was wearing blank so she was asking for it’ ideology that is so common these days.”

The AAUW, though it is a group advocating for women’s equality, is not exclusive to women.

“Anyone can join no matter the race, gender, nationality or age,” said Edna Boggs, AAUW co-president. “As long as you are a student at NSU you can join the student chapter.”

Patton said the AAUW has given her the opportunity to make a difference for women in her community and herself. Patton said because of the AAUW she has been given the opportunity to lead in a way she has never had the chance to lead before.

The AAUW meets at 7:30 p.m. biweekly on Monday in the Webb Tower. Anyone is invited to come to one of their meetings to become a member. Membership dues are $10 yearly or $5 each semester.

“We understand as a college student funds are tight so we are more than willing to work with you,” said Zagrabelney.

For more information about the AAUW or the Slut Walk, email Boggs.

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