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NSU Greek Life joins together to prevent hazing

Published 9/12/18

Colby Luper

TNE Writer

NSU’s Greek organizations provide students with opportunities to occupy leadership roles, build strong connections and grow as individuals. As with anything else, however, there are negative aspects that need to be addressed. An issue that has historically plagued Greek organizations around the country is the act of hazing.

Hazing takes many forms, but almost always involves strenuous, humiliating and sometimes dangerous tasks performed by those seeking initiation into an organization. Such initiation rituals have been outlawed on universities all over the country, and if a Greek chapter is found guilty of hazing, punishment is often quite severe. In an effort to address the issue of hazing and to prevent any acts of hazing from occurring, NSU Greek Life is engaging in a Hazing Prevention Week.

“The purpose of Hazing Prevention Week is to establish clear expectations of how to treat incoming members of an organization and how to build unity without inflicting harm,” said Kristi Norris, Greek life coordinator. “Not only do I expect that all students are treated with respect and dignity, I expect that my students set the standard for other groups on campus.”

Starting on Monday, Sept. 17, the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office and Outreach and Prevention are showing the film “Haze” to engage students in a discussion about hazing. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, Panhellenic is holding a new member education event to discuss ways to reduce harm within sororities.

“It is important to educate students to not only recognize hazing, but to prevent it from occurring,” said Ashtyn Taylor, Panhellenic president and Delta Zeta member. “The Panhellenic Executive Council will be encouraging everyone to step up and take the hazing prevention pledge online at”

 On Thursday, Sept. 20, the Interfraternity Council is having a meeting to discuss hazing culture and how to affect change within an organization. This week of events exist in conjunction with discussions occurring during IFC and Panhellenic General Assemblies and Executive Council meetings throughout the year.

“Hazing prevention means a lot to me because I feel a certain care for all of the Greek organizations and not just my own chapter,” said Ryan LeCrone, IFC vice president and Kappa Sigma member. “I respect all of the men and women here and want to see them continue to grow and not harm anyone or be removed from campus due to an act of carelessness.”

Various organizations are taking it upon themselves to do their part to ensure the campus is free of hazing. This event shines a spotlight on the issue of hazing in regards to Greek life, but efforts to address hazing and prevent it from happening are an ongoing process. The IFC education chair is always thinking of news ways to bring awareness to prevent any form of hazing. Discussions about hazing take place regularly throughout the year during both IFC and Panhellenic meetings. Hazing Prevention Week and similar efforts will continue to shine light on the issue of hazing. Hazing Prevention Week is Sept. 17- 21.

For more information on how to get involved, email Greek Life at

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