Continuing Education presents pistol shooting and concealed carry course
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Continuing Education presents pistol shooting and concealed carry course

Published 12/5/18

Courtney Bolt

TNE Writer

The Continuing Education department is partnering with Dr. Thomas Salmon to bring a Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training certified Oklahoma concealed carry class and a National Rifle Association pistol shooting class to campus. Dr. Salmon is a certified NRA instructor and a range safety officer. The CLEET concealed to carry class consists of six hours in a classroom and approximately two to three hours of outdoor and real life training. The NRA pistol shooting class is an 8-hour course that includes training on basic pistol shooting, ammunition and pistol maintenance, safety and live-fire range exercises. Students receive considerably less expensive rates for both of these courses.

In Tulsa, a concealed carry course can cost upwards of $160. A pistol shooting course can cost $100 plus tax and ammunition. The course is provided through the continuing education department. This makes it more accessible for students to obtain these courses and permits. The NRA pistol class charges $85 and the concealed carry class charges $75. Both courses are educational and can be beneficial to individuals interested in firearms and how to operate them legally and in a safe manner.

“When signing up for the NRA pistol class, students can expect to learn basic knowledge including a description of the main types of handguns, parts and how they operate, and a strong emphasis on the principles of handgun safety, including the three fundamental NRA rules for how to handle a gun,” said Dr. Salmon. “They will learn ammunition basics, such as types, designations, safe handling, storage and how to deal with malfunctions, basic principles of pistol marksmanship including proper grip, aiming and trigger control, practical exercises using model guns and real guns loaded with inert dummy ammunition and finally, an outdoor range session with live-fire exercises under the close immediate supervision of the instructor.”

The NRA basic pistol class is a recent addition for Dr. Salmon to be instructing. The class has been successfully running since October of 2018.

“Getting my concealed to carry permit has been on my list of things to do since I turned 21 in November ,” said Dalton Jasna, Sallisaw junior. “It is just one of those things that has slipped my mind. I like that the university is bringing these types of courses to students. It makes getting these permits more accessible and more affordable for students.”

Students can take both courses if they wish. The classes go hand in hand with each other and offer a variety of information.

“A person wanting to get a concealed carry license would obviously have to take the SDA course, but he or she would also benefit from taking the NRA course later to reinforce basic knowledge and skills,” said Salmon. “A person who is not interested in concealed carry but who wants to try shooting or learn the basics should take the NRA course. A person who currently has a concealed carry permit and even experienced shooters would also benefit from taking the NRA course to reinforce basics that he or she may have missed or forgotten. Another reason to take the course is to participate in the Winchester/NRA marksmanship program, a self-paced, standardized course of skill development. The starting point for this fun and challenging program is completion of an NRA basic pistol or rifle course.”

Both courses can be a beneficial learning process for students to become more aware of how firearms work and how they can be used as protection in the right ways.

“I have wanted to get my concealed carry permit since I turned 21,” said Kate Faught, Skiatook senior. “I think it is smart for women to be educated on firearms and how they work.”

The NRA pistol class is offered from 9 a.m- noon and 2-5 p.m on Dec. 15 and from 2-5 p.m. on Dec. 16. The concealed to carry course is offered from 2-5 p.m. on Dec. 8 and 9. Both courses are at Hillside Church in Tahlequah. For more information on the courses, call Continuing Education at 918-444-4610.

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