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NeoHealth continues collaboration with NSU

Published 1/22/19

Jessica Treat

TNE Writer

NSU is working to improve health services for the student body. NeoHealth made its debut in 2004 with their first clinic in Hulbert, OK. Since then, they have created various health clinics in Cherokee, Muskogee, Mayes and Adair county. One of NSU’s unrecognized benefits is the NeoHealth Medical Center on campus. NeoHealth has benefited students on the Tahlequah campus and is now available for students on the Muskogee campus.

“I talk a lot about how we can collaborate across the institution, how we can remove barriers for student success and how we can share an ethic of care at all times,” said Dr. Jerrid Freeman, Student Affairs Vice President. “That is the important part: how we can set a standard level of expectation so that every student gets a high level of care but also help them to be independent adults and get them through the obstacles they need to be successful.”

Dr. Freeman has been the vice president since 2015. Coming into this job, he always had plans to make improvements on campus for students. A few years back, NSU had a fully functioning clinic on campus specifically ran by NSU but after the state of Oklahoma made lots of budget cuts, Dr. Freeman and other staff had decisions to make when it came to cutting things out of the school budget. Luckily, student health services on campus was not something they were willing to cut. They were only interested in expanding the health service options for students and that is what they did.

“When it came down to it, I knew that student health services on campus were beneficial to our students and we wanted to find a way to keep it,” said Dr. Freeman. “We needed to provide the best care to our students while also making it affordable on our side as well as the students. That is what NeoHealth has provided for us. Their takeover was beneficial for us and our students.”

Dr. Freeman expressed that switching to NeoHealth enabled the campus location to provide affordable visits for faculty, staff and the public. This not only opened doors for students, but for the Tahlequah community.

“I do think we’ve made some changes that are good for students and that have helped them be more successful here, but that does not mean we want to stop there,” said Dr. Freeman.

Dr. Freeman made it very clear that the next step on the agenda is to make student health services available on the Broken Arrow campus. Other requested improvements are for campus counseling services, which is something Dr. Freeman and other staff are interested in looking into.

NeoHealth Muskogee location provides benefits for NSU students just like the location on the Tahlequah campus. Students go into NeoHealth with their valid student ID and do not pay a copay for their visit. This makes visits simple for students, no matter what location they choose to go to.

“It is great for NSU Muskogee campus students because now they get the same resources as Tahlequah campus students do,” said Hannah Dealy, Muskogee junior. “It also helps students that commute from Muskogee. It is even beneficial for me personally because it is an option for me when I am home for breaks and weekends and I do not have to worry about driving back to Tahlequah.”

Students can visit NeoHealth in between class breaks to be seen by a specialist. No appointment is necessary. Patients can come in whenever is most convenient for them. This option is most beneficial for patients who need to be seen quickly while also getting regular primary care.

“We offer a full scope of family practice services at our Muskogee location,” said Mike McGavock, NeoHealth Chief Information officer. “Everything from wellness visits, chronic disease management, sick visits, STD testing, immunizations, allergy injections, etc.”

Student Affairs and NeoHealth are working together to provide the most convenient care to students, faculty, staff and the public. Both parties are driven to enhance student health on campus and help students get where they need to succeed in all aspects.

The NeoHealth Muskogee location is located at 1328 S. York St. in the Yorkshire Shopping Center. This location is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, call NeoHealth Muskogee at 918-683-0470.

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