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Stumo Nights offer growth opportunities

Published 2/6/19

Alex McBride

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Student Mobilization is a Christian organization with a goal to help college students grow. The organization was founded in 1986 by Steve and Carol Shadrach in Conway, Arkansas. The organization has since spread to other universities including NSU.

“I got involved with Student Mobilization my freshman year attending Stumo Nights,” said Mady Bush, Student Mobilization leader. “The summer after my freshman year, I went to Stumo’s summer project in Florida. After this, I was hooked and have been involved ever since.”

At Stumo nights, students can expect snacks, games and a speaker. Jeffery Coffman is the campus director and often speaks at Stumo Night. On occasion, speakers from other universities come and talk about various topics including dating and prayer.

“My favorite part about Stumo Nights is the speakers give a short talk about growing in college,” said Bush. “It is never a boring talk and is always super relatable to college students. The talks feel like they are always applicable to my life right now.”

Between 50 to 100 students show up every other week. According to Katrin McGriff, Joplin, Missouri junior, professors and community members are welcome to attend. Students involved with Greek life, athletics and other organizations on campus attend regularly.

“Students should attend Stumo Nights because of the same reasons I go to them,” said Bush. “It is a useful way to spend your time, plus super fun as well. I have made many friendships because of Stumo Nights. I have also been challenged both in my leadership and in my spiritual life and am better because of the impact of Stumo. It is rad. Everyone should come.”

Student Mobilization also spans outside of Stumo Nights. They present the Student Mobilization Conference on Christmas break and a summer discipleship program in Orlando, Florida called Kaleo. There are also opportunities to hang out after Stumo Nights.

“We have Stumo Nights every other week, and sometimes we will go out to the bowling alley or other fun things like that to have some good fellowship,” said McGriff.

Student Mobilization focuses on making disciples on college campuses. They base this focus on discipleship off of the Bible passage Matthew 28:18-20. For Bradley Soliman, this verse is personal.

“When I think about Christianity, I think about how awesome it is to be a small part in the mission Jesus gave us before he granted us access to a personal relationship with his father,” said Bradley Soliman, Tahlequah sophomore. “Because of the love he showed me, I can’t help but take it and run with it to share it with others.”

Having friendships is emphasized in Soliman’s life. The relationships he has formed through Stumo have impacted him. He has been taught how to stand for his beliefs in the midst of people doubting them.

“Stumo has been a big encourager for me,” said Soliman. “It is necessary for followers of Christ to surround themselves with other followers and on college campuses. Fellowship like what I find in the friends I have made through Stumo has been awesome. I have been taught how to be a disciple of Christ in an era where it’s unpopular. Because of Stumo, I am able to surround myself with those who not only share the same hope as I do and are persistent to share it.”

Stumo Nights are from 9-10 p.m. every other Wednesday at the Jazz Lab. The next Stumo Night is February 13, and the theme is stoplight night. If students are single, they wear green, if it is complicated, they wear yellow and if students are in a relationship, they wear red.

For more information, email Coffman at

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