Rose Festival sets out to reclaim Broken Arrow’s beautiful history

Published 4/27/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

A few years ago the Main Street area in downtown Broken Arrow adopted the title of the Rose District as an ode to the city’s rich heritage. Today, leaders in the community are embarking on huge projects to revitalize downtown and make it more of an arts and entertainment district for both residents and tourists to enjoy. The annual Rose Festival brings the community together to celebrate this history and continue to make Broken Arrow beautiful.

Late Night Breakfast returns to relieve students’ stress during finals week

Published 4/27/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

NSU’s various different student organizations strive to go above and beyond to add to students’ college experiences. The Northeastern Activities Board works to provide students with a variety of events and opportunities to get involved on campus. These events include entertainment, cultural events, road trips, concerts and lifestyle-related programs. One event that students have taken part in over the years is the Late Night Breakfast that happens during finals week.

Netflix series discusses suicide and suicide prevention

Published 4/26/17

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Jessica Henry, TNE Writer

Netflix seems to be the topic of conversation amongst many when it comes to movies and television shows. Most people fill their daily small talk with the movies or shows that have recently garnered their attention.


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