MisFest showcases female musicians in Oklahoma

Published 4/24/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Even today in the music scene, it is still a “thing” to have a female drummer or lead guitarist. It is still a “thing” to have a band comprised of all women. It is even a “thing” to see women be successful in the music industry in any capacity. This is not to say that there are no thriving female musicians or tour managers or sound engineers, but it brings up the question of why it is worth mentioning that someone is successful while also happening to be a woman. This line of thinking is exactly what inspired Amira Al-Jiboori and Casii Stephan to create MisFest.

Students look to buy a home

Published 4/24/17

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Bailee Harmon, TNE Writer

Some students who are attending college buy a house during college or soon after graduation. Oftentimes these students have to start the process with no knowledge of what they are going into or what the requirements are for buying a home.

NSU analyzes move to the MIAA

Published 4/24/17

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Matt Reynolds, TNE Writer

NSU announced the move for athletics from the Lone Star Conference to the MIAA Conference in 2010. The official move was made in 2012 with rival in-state school University of Central Oklahoma also making the jump to the MIAA with NSU.







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