NSU sorority gives back to the Arthritis Foundation

Published 11/28/17

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Julie Ferguson, TNE Writer

NSU’s sorority Alpha Omicron Pi is preparing for their new event Pumpkin Pie with AOII event at NSU. For $5, attendees will receive unlimited pumpkin desserts, coffee and ciders made by the sisters of AOII. The unlimited pumpkin desserts, coffee and ciders are available for the students and faculty of NSU, but citizens of Tahlequah are invited to join as well.

RiverHawks take advantage of student-athlete advisory committee

Published 11/28/17

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Emily Osborne, TNE Writer

A student-athlete advisory committee is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience.  The NCAA has this program in colleges all across the US. It was first formed in 1989 to help student-athletes have input on the rules that affect their everyday lives.

Yeutter goes from professor to superfan

Published 11/28/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

Any spectator who has been to a RiverHawk sporting event has likely noticed Dr. John Yeutter, accounting associate professor. He is a fan who goes above and beyond to show his school pride. Yeutter wears a noticeable green or pink wig as well as NSU apparel with green or white leggings. He has become a legend to NSU students both past and present. The fans who attend games look forward to his ever-present chants and playing of instruments. Yeutter has been at as many NSU sporting events as he can attend.



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