Impressions Dance Company performs spring concert

Published 4/18/17

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Trenton Morgan, Contributing Writer

Impressions Dance Company is NSU’s only pre-professional dance company.  Impressions is a recently redesigned company, and the number of members has grown every semester. The company includes members of all dance backgrounds, as well as students who have no dance background. This mixture is encouraged, because Impressions Dance Company wants to spread knowledge and appreciation of dance as an art. 

Students look for places to rent in Tahlequah

Published 4/18/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Most college students have become accustomed to some kind of temporary living, whether that means living on campus in dorms or renting an apartment or house with friends. For those who choose to live off campus, it is not always easy to find the best place to rent. Tahlequah offers plenty of living options, but for a student to find the perfect fit for them they have to begin the search as prepared as possible and know what to expect.

Earth Day reminds students of the importance of going green

Published 4/18/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated by those who appreciate our planet and want to do something extra to give back to the environment. Earth Day is a reminder there is only one Earth, and it is beneficial to avoid being careless in the way it is affected. There are simple ways to treat the earth a little nicer in everyday life. NSU has its own ways of being environmentally conscious, as well as a few different student organizations that are centered around a love for the outdoors and a desire to conserve the environment.


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