Binge drinking proves to be harmful
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Binge drinking proves to be harmful

Published 8/28/15

Brooke Allison

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For some people binge drinking may be a part of their everyday routine. Binge drinking is defined as excessive alcohol intake in a short period of time.


Most people who routinely drink alcohol binge drink without even knowing it. Some might wonder how many drinks are considered binge drinking.


Ordinarily, binge drinking is considered four drinks for women over a two-hour duration and five drinks for men.


The greatest causes of at-home accidents are from alcohol. Being uneducated about binge drinking and alcohol intake could result in various, severe problems like overdosing, heart attacks, excessive vomiting or death.


Drinking heavily like binge drinking also pushes people to shut out everything in their life such as employment and personal responsibilities. With an early start, binge drinking could subsequently lead to alcoholism in the future.


“I am fully aware of the affects of binge drinking,” said Ally Webb, junior student. “Yes, I think you’re a binge drinker if you have 4 or more a day especially all at once in a short amount of time.”


College students who partake in binge drinking could adapt the routine of missing classes, falling behind or dropping out completely.


Forty percent of college students binge drink. Of that 40 percent, 50 percent are males and 39 percent females.


At certain college campuses, where 70 percent of the student body engages in binge drinking, 87 percent of those students have experienced sexual or physical abuse in their past. Traumatizing events that could have been avoided if knowledge of binge drinking was known beforehand.


“The biggest problem with these students here on campus is that there grades start to suffer, don’t complete school work, start missing assignments and don’t go to class,” said Sara Swarer, health student administrator.


Last semester, American College Health Association conducted an anonymous survey and according to their results 47.7 percent have later regretted something after drinking alcohol, 22.9 percent forgot where they were or what they did that night.

Results also show that 31.1 percent have had unprotected sex after drinking alcohol and 29 percent of students use alcohol daily.


Some health risks that can be caused by binge drinking are, but not limited to, Hepatitis C, cirrhosis, diabetes or liver cancer. It increases the risk for damaging the pancreatitis, esophagus and throat.


A drinking habit like this could also cause bone deformities. It may not seem that serious while drinking a few drinks a day but the long-term problems are very serious.


“I think binge drinking is dangerous for many people,” said Joshua Rader, coordinator student’s rights/response.  “When you consume too much alcohol, like may other substances, negative effects occur on the body. I think if students want to drink they need to be responsible about their consumption and in many cases binge drinking is not responsible drinking,”


Seven percent of Americans have involved themselves with binge drinking by the time they reach their twenties. Between the ages of 18 and 22 is when binge drinking peaks with young adults.


Generally, Hispanics and Caucasians binge drink more than other ethnic groups.


Overall, about 24 percent of those who start to binge by the age of 17 develop alcohol dependence, whereas a lesser 10 percent of people who binge drink at the age of 21 develop alcohol independence.


Alcoholism can come from genetics. If alcoholism is in the family history, it can increase the risk of alcoholism personally. The younger drinking begins, the higher the risk of being able to develop alcoholism.


Men are more likely to develop alcoholism than women, in which two out of three alcohol abusers are men.


Many actions can be taken to prevent binge drinking.


For more information, call the Cherokee County Behavior Health Department (918) 207-4977.

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