Students try to stay fit during busy semester
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Students try to stay fit during busy semester

Published 1/23/17

Shanna Kyle

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Staying healthy with a busy schedule can be difficult for students. Often students compromise the healthy way of life to keep up with classes, work and other school activities. While junk food may be an easy and convenient option, there are many healthier alternatives out there.

“Living in the dorms it is difficult to find healthier snacks and food,” said April Roby, Depew sophomore. “But you can make decisions such as getting a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the crispy chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A.”

NSU has the Wellness Center where students can work on their fitness. The Wellness Center has weights, a track, basketball courts and a pool. It also offers fitness classes such as Zumba and yoga. In recent years, NSU has changed the Housing Handbook to allow weights in dorm rooms. This now allows students to work out in the comfort of their own dorm room.

“One time I really wanted to work out, but realized that the Wellness Center was closed,” said Becca Tillman, Wagoner senior. “So I just decided to play Just Dance for over an hour.”

In college students are usually surrounded by foods that are not always the best for them. Although students have the option to eat healthy, squeezing fast food and sweet snacks into a busy schedule is easy. Students typically choose the quicker and not as healthy meal. Some students claim meal prepping helps them stay healthy during their busy semester schedules. Meal prepping is planning and preparing meals and having them ready in advance. For example, on Sunday a student would prepare fruits, vegetables and lean meats into small containers. These containers are placed into a fridge and are ready to go for a quick meal.

“I am going to be in my cousin’s wedding, so we both decided to start meal planning,” said Shiann Hill, Wagoner senior. “I will admit it is kind of hard to get into the routine of it, but once you get used to it, it’s like second nature.”

Getting in shape and eating right helps students’ health and their self-esteem. While students are on their journey to getting into better shape, they can set goals to achieve and start to feel better about themselves inside and out.         

“Working out not only makes me feel good on the inside, but it makes me feel good about myself,” said Chase McGhee, Catoosa sophomore. “I start each morning with a work out, and I love how it wakes me up and gives me energy throughout the day.”

Although trying to find time to work out and making the decision to eat healthier may be difficult for some students at first, the benefits can have a lasting effect.

For the Wellness Centers hours and more information, visit, or like them on Facebook at

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