Gardening offers healthy, stress-relieving opportunity
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Gardening offers healthy, stress-relieving opportunity

Published 4/3/17

Shanna Kyle

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Some individuals garden for the enjoyment of watching a plant grow while others garden to survive.

Kathrine Bradfield, NSU alumna, has been gardening for around 60 years. Bradfield’s parents started getting her in the garden when she was about 10 years old. If Bradfield and her parents had a crop that did not grow, then they were not able to eat that food until the next season came. When Bradfield was a child, individuals were unable to go to a super market and buy the produce like today.

Many of the veggies that Bradfield and her family grew were useful in many ways. For example, the cucumbers they grew were turned into pickles and tomatoes were made into tomato paste or juice.

“I have been doing it so long, I am not sure what to do if I actually had to go buy my veggies,” said Bradfield.

Bradfield continued to garden though her time spent at NSU and even later on when she had a family of her own.

Holly Cagle, NSU alumna, also gardens to help put fresh produce into her meals for her family. Cagle grows herbs to help naturally flavor the meals she prepares for her family. Cagle prefers to grow her own herbs to help save money and to avoid getting any preservatives in her food as much as possible.

“Although I kind of have a black thumb, I still like having the herbs around while they last,” said Cagle.

Tim Wilson, Coweta resident, has been gardening for about 30 years. Wilson gardens for a different reason than most. Wilson keeps a garden of an assortment of flowers for his honey bees. To help keep the bees out of plants, such as ragweed, Wilson plants flowers that he knows will help improve the taste of his bees’ honey.

“Not only does it help the honey, but it makes my yard look nice at the same time,” said Wilson. “Gardening flowers that I know are also helping keep some of the bee population alive is also very rewarding to me.”

Select individuals garden fruits and veggies to save money or stay healthy. Others do so to help out the environment. Either way, gardening is beneficial.

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