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NSU nutritional sciences offers nutrition counseling to students

Published 4/25/17

Madeline Jurus

TNE Writer

The NSU nutritional sciences department has developed a nutrition counseling program to help students and faculty alike make positive changes in their dietary habits. The counseling helps students and faculty in their quest to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles.

“The purpose is to simply encourage a healthy lifestyle throughout NSU’s campus,” said Kelley Frost, nutritional sciences instructor and nutrition counselor. “This is a component of our special topics course in the upper level nutritional sciences program. Not only are registered dietitians involved, but senior level dietetics students are able to practice their counseling skills through this program as well.”

The nutritional sciences department will also partner with the athletics department this fall to help athletes meet their specialized nutrition needs.

“A session with a registered dietitian is $20 for a student and $25 for faulty, alumni and staff,” said Dr. Cassandra Crawford-Ciglar, professor of nutritional sciences and creator of the nutrition counseling program. “We also offer student-led nutrition coaching sessions with our dietitian students. All fees listed are for 30 minute sessions.”

Crawford has been a faculty member at NSU since 2012 and has been approached numerous times by faculty and students requesting nutrition counseling assistance, which has been a longstanding need among the campus community.

“The purpose of nutrition coaching and counseling services is two-fold: to provide access to one-on-one personalized nutrition services for the NSU community and to provide the NSU nutritional science students service learning opportunities prior to graduation and entering a Dietetic internship.” said Crawford.

During their sessions patients will receive an assessment on their current dietary habits and discuss their health goals. The counselor will then help develop a plan to achieve those goals, as well as provide general nutrition education according to the patient’s needs.

“This service is a great way for those who are looking to improve their current health habits and want to get back on track,” said Andrea Reser, nutritional sciences instructor. “Changing one’s dietary habits is always challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start. Our nutrition counseling is a great first step towards learning general nutrition and how to develop healthier habits for life.”

Nutritional sciences also offers free nutrition education classes and guided grocery store tours for patients to learn how to choose healthier options, read food labels and ingredient lists, and gain tips for meal planning.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Ciglar at 918-444-2996 or email

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