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Sugar claims its victims

Published 10/23/15

Keajon Guidry TNE Writer

Many people do not realize how much sugar they consume in a day. The consumption of sugary drinks and food has become as common as drinking water if not more so.

“I have no idea how much sugar I consume on a daily basis, I imagine it changes on a daily basis,” said Breanna Kellehan, Claremore junior.

Many people wonder if sugar has caused a portion of the population to form an addiction to it.

“I used to drink two to three cans of energy drinks a day but that caused serious health problems,” said Chris Ingram, Chouteau junior.

This may lend validity to the concept of “sugar addiction” but physicians and researchers are still studying whether or not that label can be justly applied to everyone or certain cases.

“We’re not only preaching that sugar is an addiction, we just want to educate people on how much sugar they intake and the different names of sugar so they can know when they are consuming sugar,” said Sarah Swarer, Tahlequah Student Health Services coordinator.

If students want to learn more about the possibilities of sugar addiction or explore other health concerns, they can visit Wellness Wednesdays. Wellness Wednesday is a free program in the University Center every month to discuss health related topics and how to have better health habits. Upcoming Wellness Wednesdays can viewed by searching Wellness Wednesday on the NSU website. The next scheduled Wellness Wednesday touches on stress and ways to reduce it.

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