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Anxiety disorders continue to strain college students

Published 11/3/15

Brooklynn Peek

TNE Writer

College stress levels continue to rise daily. Students struggle to find balance when juggling grades, classes, work and friends. Anxiety can intervene with students daily routines. 

“I feel like an increase in anxiety disorders is sort of cause-and-effect with the way the world is these days,” said Chesley Oxedine, Charlotte, N.C. senior.  “College students these days have a lot piled on top of them and there's a very real risk that all that work could still translate to a job at McDonald's. It's just a much more stressful climate than I think a lot of people realize, and being under that much stress for that many years is bound to affect just about anyone.”

There is a difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders. Anxiety alone can help students realize when action needs to take place. However when the anxiety is persistent, it seems to become uncontrollable. This is the time to take action and seek counseling. NSU’s HawkReach has counselors who are there to help students in such cases.

“I think students need to sit down and plan out their days,” said Zach Roll, Heavener senior. “The majority of my own personal anxiety/stress comes from thinking I don’t have enough time during the day.”

Without seeking help, anxiety can become debilitating for students. The average age for anxiety disorders begin to develop in students ranging from 18-24 years of age.

“College is extremely stressful in many aspects,” said Whitney Nickel, OU senior.  “I worry about job opportunities after graduation, fitting in, making good friends and trying to graduate without tremendous debt.”

College requires a significant amount of focus and effort from students. When stress is present, the body must tend to it immediately. There are small steps to take to help students manage their stress levels.  Small measurements like taking a few hours to relax can have tremendous positive effects. It continues to boil down to time management.

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