Students offer time management tips for physical, social and academic success
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Students offer time management tips for physical, social and academic success

Published 11/3/15

Kortney Harris

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As the stress of college builds throughout the semester, it is easy to lose track of time and start to become weak, physically, socially and academically. Managing time effectively and staying organized can significantly reduce the everyday stress of a college student and help improve in those three areas.

Roy Golden, Bunch senior, said he believes it is important to have a good balance in all three aspects so that one can live in harmony with everything around them.

“I think a good balance is important in all three because it is the key to a truly fulfilled life,” said Golden. “I intentionally set aside time for each aspect of life. Balance is a relative thing so you have to decide for yourself when you need more focus on a given aspect.”

Golden said although he is good at keeping himself accountable, sometimes it is good to have someone to be motivating and help through the rough patches.

“Get yourself an accountability partner and inform each other of your goals and expectations,” said Golden. “Write things down, make a schedule and keep notes either on paper or electronically.”

Julianna Summers, Common sophomore said good time management is ideal for completing tasks and knowing what is next for the day.

“I personally get all of my academic responsibilities done before I think about the social side,” said Summers. “I put social activities down as a reward for getting my work done. As for physical, I try my best to exercise in the morning and eat right.”

Gemini Creason, St. Louis junior, said she plans her day according to what is most prevalent at the time and works everything else around those plans.

“I have a planner, and I prioritize everything that I do,” said Creason. “If I didn’t manage my time, there would be no way I could handle the stress of everything I’m a part of.

Creason said she would tell incoming freshmen to find what the aspects they want to work on most and then eventually find a happy medium among the three.

“I would say it’s important to have a balance, but I personally find that I focus on two aspects more than the other but will still get back to it when I have that available time,” said Creason.

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