Students can prevent extra weight gain this fall and winter
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Students can prevent extra weight gain this fall and winter

Published 11/10/15

Brooklynn Peek

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Fall can be described as a time for semester cramming, all-nighters and holidays. Along with these infamous fall activities, brings weight gain in some college students. On average, 70 percent of students gain up to 20 pounds during the fall and winter seasons. However, there are ways to avoid these statistics.

“I try to stay active,” said Kevin Bell, Lawton sophomore. “I keep moving whether I’m lifting or running all the time or just playing a pick-up game of basketball.”

Whether students are avid athletes or just starting to become more active, working out may help tremendously with this prevention. NSU’s fitness center offers a wide variety of ways for students to stay active and keep moving, ranging from weight lifting, running to playing basketball.

“Stay away from high carb foods and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated,” said Courtney Haas, Coweta sophomore. “A healthy diet not only decreases chances of excess weight gain but also helps the brain retain more knowledge and stay focused.”

A healthy diet is key to a healthy lifestyle. During the fall and final hours of the semester, snacking is not uncommon among students. Keeping healthy snacks in the dorm or nearby can help with the sweet cravings and help curb extra calories.

“I keep from gaining extra weight by being involved in cheer,” said Dani Gibson, Vinita sophomore. “We practice twice a week, and I also go to the gym for two hours daily.”

With the semester winding down and finals around the corner, it is important for students to receive enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is one factor that leads to unhealthy, sugary cravings. On average, college students need at least nine hours and 15 minutes of sleep, whereas most students only achieve up to five hours. Small changes like keeping active, healthy diet and enough sleep will help make a big difference this upcoming holiday season.

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