NCAA continues to strive to strike out tobacco
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NCAA continues to strive to strike out tobacco

Published 11/17/15

Brooklynn Peek

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NCAA has a message for baseball players who choose to dip, “If you spit, you sit.” Among all the collegiate sports, baseball is top ranked as chewing tobacco/dip users according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is no surprise that chewing tobacco/dipping and baseball go hand-in-hand. It has been a trend for years. It has become part of the history and part of the image.

“Dipping among college athletes is definitely a problem,” said Coach Jake Hendrick, NSU head baseball coach. “But the choice is theirs, whether they choose to abide by the rules or not. It is a matter of where their priorities are. It depends on what they are willing to sacrifice and if they can deal with the consequences.”

NSU is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking and the use of all tobacco products are strictly prohibited as it is stated in the student handbook. There shall be no tobacco use on any property owned under the university. House Bill 1685 creates safe, healthy tobacco free schools 24/7. NCAA rules that if a player is caught with a dip in during a game, then the player as well as the head coach will both be ejected from the game. This rule is the same for both the second and third offense. However, suspension is not a penalty.

“For the ones that don’t dip, I would advise them not to start because it is a really bad habit,” said Gabe Wurth, Valley, Nebr senior. “I don’t see the statistics changing. It comes with the sport.”

Chewing tobacco became widely popular in the mid-19th century. Since then, dipping has been identified with baseball for many years and it is without any considerations when saying it will continue to remain a part of baseball.

“It calms the guys and it is good to feel relaxed and focused,” said Shane Bridges, Sand Springs junior. “I personally do not dip and I like not having to waste money or rely on a dip.”

As current dippers should already know, choosing to dip can cause several health factors for those individuals choosing to further their tobacco use. College baseball players should take their health into consideration and think about the consequences they can potentially face in the near future.

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