Tahlequah offers multiple fitness options
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Tahlequah offers multiple fitness options

Published 2/9/16

KenLea Henson

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With Tahlequah having a number of fitness centers that include resistance machines and treadmills, it is nice to have the option to change up workout routines with high-intensity interval gyms. High-intensity interval workouts use functional movements, gymnastic movements, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting to achieve an overall fitness goal.  

Competitive power-lifter for over 15 years, Randy Moore, QuahFit coach, began interval training three years ago and fell in love with it. Moore ran 30 minutes to an hour every day and hated it. With the high-intensity workout, he found he could lose body fat and gain muscle and never have to run. Within a month, he was down 20 pounds and felt better than ever.

 “Results are varied depending on your personal goals, but you can be certain that you will lose body fat, gain muscle and strength, and have a lot more energy,” said Moore. “You will also gain many friends with the class setting training. One of the biggest benefits to QuahFit is training alongside people with the same goals as yourself, knowing you’re not doing this alone but as a team.”

Another gym that focuses on high-intensity workouts is Five Alarm Fitness where Kassey Dirteater, Hulbert senior, trains. She began training in June 2015 because she wanted to reach a whole new level of fitness by weight lifting. Dirteater said her fitness level, along with her stress level, has tremendously improved by training.

“My health has benefited from training with Five Alarm Fitness by being my stress reliever,” said Dirteater.  “I would recommend high-intensity training to students because when you’re stressing about college and everything else, attending a fitness class will allow you a healthy escape. You’d be surprised by how much stress you can clear with an hour of high-intense training.”

Similar to the high-intensity interval training, but different in many ways, is CrossFit. Although CrossFit was officially started about two decades ago, it has been growing in popularity within the last couple of years. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that many military units, police academies and professional athletes use.  

Chuck Watson, CrossFit Tahlequah athlete, has been CrossFit training for a year. One day he came home and looked at himself in the mirror and was not happy with his appearance. He made the decision to try it. From that one step towards to a healthier life left him hooked. Watson now competes in CrossFit games which motivate him to be the best he can be.

“No sacrifice, no reward. With CrossFit I am healthier, more in shape and I feel great throughout the day,” said Watson. “My fitness level was terrible when I started so it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, everybody cheers for you.”

Along with improvements in health and fitness, students can also receive a membership at a discounted rate from most of the area gyms.

Whichever is preferred, Tahlequah offers multiple fitness facilities with first-class equipment as well as well-trained fitness trainers and coaches. Although the gyms may be unique in their own way, they both have the same goals – health and fitness.

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