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Cross fit becomes a trend

Published 9/15/15

Brooklynn Peek

TNE Writer

There have been debates whether it is better do to cross fit over traditional free weight training. Both cross fit and free weight training burn calories, but they have many differences in their goals, equipment and structure.

“As a beginner, coming from standard workouts, I would prefer cross fit over any other workouts because I am easily motivated by the people I workout with, and they offer a tremendous amount of support,” said Marshall Clayton, Kiefer sophomore. “It focuses on speed and many amount of reps when lifting.”

Cross fit was designed to meet a generalized goal of overall fitness. Traditional weight training focusses more on building strength and increasing muscle mass. Whereas cross fit is not only based on increasing weight but also on increasing the amounts of repetitions one can do.

“I think traditional weight lifting to me, result wise, you can see more definition in your muscles,” said Courtney Haas, Coweta sophomore. “Compared to CrossFit, you get more bulk than definition. When I tried cross fit, I didn’t like it because I did not want to end up that muscular. My goals are not to bulk but to tone.”

As a result of cross fit, people tend to see results quicker. Cross fit, much like traditional workouts, include cardio in their training.

“We do recovery days, which are our cardio days,” said Corina Walker, Kiefer sophomore. “I would advise people to do it because it’s a great way to get fit and you see results quickly. Cross fit is very hard and difficult, but at the same time it is so rewarding to know what your body is capable of.”

Although cross fit is rewarding, it has a higher injury rate than traditional weight lifting. It is important to focus on form and technique in whichever form of training one chooses to do.

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