Do’s and don’ts of the freshman 15
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Do’s and don’ts of the freshman 15

Published 9/24/15

Brooke Allison

TNE Writer

Everyone who attends college knows the saying “freshman 15,” but has anyone really thought of how or why that saying came about. There are many reasons for why freshman gain weight their first year of college. It is their first time on their own without their parents, they have to get up and go to class on their own and make their own decisions.

“With less structure and more freedom it is very easy to fall into unhealthy habits,” said Ashlee Grider, Tulsa senior.

Being a freshman in college comes with a lot of change and getting use to not living at home with their parents where they provide every meal or are there to help them not eat certain things. It can be difficult in college because freshmen have all the power in the world to do anything they want. Along with that come parties, drinking and eating junk food.

“I have heard the key to not gaining weight in college are by not eating late at night and eating healthier alternatives on campus,” said Katelyn Mathis, Broken Arrow senior.

There are many obstacles freshmen students have to get over during college. They might have been used to playing sports in high school and having a very active lifestyle, but when they come to college that may not be the case. When students suddenly stop being active, it takes a toll on their body and they gain weight, especially when eating unhealthy food.

“My key to staying healthy in college has been by participating in intramural sports on campus and exercising in the fit as much as I can,” said Blue McNeal, Broken Bow sophomore.

There are ways to help prevent weight gain. First, is watching what they eat for each meal. They can snack smarter, change their drink choice, choose healthy foods in the cafeteria and limit late-night calories.

College students normally do not have a lot of money to spend. They would naturally spend their money on alcohol or fast food. Fast foods are cheap and the normal college student does not have extra money to go out and spend. It is understandable how freshmen gain weight their first year of school.

Most of the weight gaining comes from stress. College students, especially freshmen, are not used to this kind of lifestyle of making decisions on their own, studying, and being in 16 hours of class or more. It provides stress on students that could cause them to stress eat because they are not used to this kind of schoolwork and lifestyle.

For more information on how to prevent weight gain, call student health services at


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