The effects from tanning beds
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The effects from tanning beds

Published 9/24/15

Brooke Allison

TNE Writer

Tanning beds help people get a base tan within days. Tanning beds are mainly used for cosmetic purposes. They are used mostly from adolescents and young adults. Nearly five million people are treated for skin cancer each year in the United States.

“I’ve worked at multiple tanning salons and while being aware of the negative aspects of tanning, I also believe it dry’s out acne and helps with depression,” said Courtney Roth, Sapulpa senior.

Skin cancer can be caused by the sunlight from being outdoors as well, but tanning beds have a larger effect on skin cancer than people are aware of. The average accumulated exposure is 22.73 percent of ages 1-18 and 46.53 percent of ages 19-40.

“As a tanning consultant, it’s our job to know each customers skin types to best help avoid dangers,” said Megan Allison, Stillwater junior. “Tanning is all about moderation and it is our responsibility to educate our customers in smart tanning and avoid exposure.”

Over the past three decades, there have been more people who have had skin cancer than all of the other cancers combined. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Skin cancer is not only caused from tanning beds, but also caused by being out in the sun.

“I have been tanning since I was a sophomore in high school but here recently I have been more cautious the older I get on using tanning beds because of its affects on my skin,” said Payton Lucas, Jenks senior.  

The risk of developing melanoma increases after just one blistering sunburn. The squamous cell cancer increases on lifetime exposure to UV rays. Basal cell carcinoma risk increases the combination of sun exposure and lifetime exposure to UV radiation, which comes from the sun and tanning beds.

People need to become more aware of what the consequences are with not using sunscreen and or tanning in tanning beds. It is dangerous and people need to be more educated on what they are doing to their skin either playing sports out side or tanning in a tanning bed getting a bronze skin color for an event.


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