Students give fitness tips
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Students give fitness tips

Published 04/18/16

KenLea Henson

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With summer approaching, students are exercising. However, in most cases people tend to give up after not seeing results quickly. With some tips and information, students can achieve their goals by what motivates and helps their peers.

Mason Slayton, Tulsa senior, teaches fitness classes at The FIT and said consistency is the most challenging factor she sees when students are trying to get in shape.

“I would suggested coming to the gym daily and within 3 weeks it will become a habit,” said slayton. “Work out with a buddy and motivate each other and attending fun group fitness classes. It’s not going to happen overnight but stay consistent, stay motivated and it will happen and you will be happy you stuck with it.”

When having a busy life with work, school and everything in between, free time can seem nonexistent. Going to the gym becomes an option many do not have time for when life gets too busy. When making life-changing decisions like getting healthy or fit, making time for the gym becomes a necessity.

Lori Powell, Westville freshman, said finding time to work out is the most challenging part, but makes time in her busy schedule it makes her feel accomplished.

“My tips would be push yourself, eat healthy, make time and don’t give up if you don’t see results right away,” said Powell. “Find an exercise that you enjoy doing. No one wants to do something they don’t enjoy and if you enjoy it, then you are more than likely to stick to it.”

Whether it is because medical reasons, to train for an upcoming activity or to look good for summer, some are pushing towards a specific goal.

Adam Rigney, Fort Gibson freshman, said he reminds himself of his goals everyday, which helps keep him consistent in his workout routine.

“By keeping your goals in mind like reasons why you are working toward your goal, is great motivation,” said Rigney. “Stay committed and stay consistent, progress will come.”

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