Drunkorexia affects college students
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Drunkorexia affects college students

Published 4/21/16

Jolene Hawkins

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Drunkorexia is a slang word that is used mainly by college students to describe a person who restricts food calories in order to make extra room for more alcoholic substance calories later on that night. According to an article from The University of Texas, studies have shown that 30 percent of women between 18 and 23 diet so they can drink more. Libby Rogers, director of NSU Student Health Services, said doing this can be extremely damaging to a person body.

“Not eating can lead to low blood sugar and if done continuously can lead to malnutrition, heart problems and cognitive disabilities,” said Rogers. “Not eating all day then drinking all night could increase a student’s risk for alcohol poisoning, which could lead to coma or death.”

Drunkorexia is a form of binge drinking, and while it does affect mostly females, males have been known to partake in this new college fad, as well. Binge drinking includes a lot of the same serious consequences as drunkorexia.

“Binge drinking can increase students risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome,” said Rogers. “It can affect a student’s ability to plan, pay attention, make decisions, process emotions and control impulses. It also increases the risk of accident and becoming the victim of violence.”

When hearing about this new disorder that is hitting college campuses across the country, NSU students were not sure what to make of it and voiced some concerns.

“We are in college so it is not uncommon for people to go out and have too much to drink,” said Sydney Nichols, Fort Gibson junior. “However, starving yourself to be able to drink more is not smart and risking your life just to ‘have a good time’ is not worth it.”

Drunkorexia is growing rapidly at colleges all across the United States. While it may not be a diagnosable condition, there are several signs and behaviors a person might exhibit that could suggest they are suffering from this disorder. Replacing food consumption with alcohol or overindulging in alcohol after eating as a means of inducing vomiting are just a few of the symptoms to look out for if someone suspects a person could be dealing with drunkorexia.

“I had never heard about this disorder until now, and it baffles me that women and even men feel like they have to starve themselves to be able to go out and drink more,” said Chloe Moyer, Idabel sophomore. “If they are that worried about their weight, I feel as if maybe they should not drink as much. It is possible to go out and have a great time without indulging in an insane amount of alcohol.”

Students need to really look out for signs of drunkorexia and if they see someone who may be suffering from this disorder, try and get them help immediately. The sooner they get the help they need the better chance they will have of living a healthy life.

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