NEOHealth clinic brings change to the NSU community
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NEOHealth clinic brings change to the NSU community

Published 8/25/16

Hannah Nielsen

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On Monday, Aug. 15, NEOHealth Medical Center opened its doors as NSU’s on-campus health facility. NSU worked with Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers Inc. to bring a new clinic to Tahlequah to serve NSU students, but faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community.

NEOHealth is a nonprofit organization that provides health care to several areas of northeastern Oklahoma. They will not refuse service to any patient, enabling them to better serve the communities of which they are a part.

“At NEO clinics, we do things on a sliding scale,” said Libby Rogers, nurse practitioner. “We don’t deny anyone care, so let’s say you come in with something and you don’t have insurance or a way to pay for it. We wouldn’t ever tell you here at NEO that you couldn’t be seen here. We would see you, figure out how much you could pay, and we would make payment arrangements with you. NEO clinics may be one of the only clinics to do this in Tahlequah.”

The sliding scale means NEOHealth can determine an affordable payment plan for patients without insurance based on their income. However, students still need to bring insurance information with them if they have it.

Previously, Student Health Services offered various free services to students, including office visits. Other preventative treatments could be received for a small fee. However, NEOHealth operates as any other health clinic by charging for services according to the patient’s insurance provider.

“NSU will be paying the office visit co-pays for a number of student visit types such as for mental health visits and sexual health visits,” said Sheila Self, Student Affairs assistant vice president. “We wanted to make sure that if students needed a visit related to sexual health and did not want to utilize their parent's insurance, that they would be able to do so.”

In addition to mental health and sexual health visits, NSU will cover the $20 co-pay for basic nursing visits, health education visits, athletic referrals and students who have no insurance. Additional benefits of the health clinic include OB-GYN services on select days, free pregnancy tests, discounted flu shots, onsite lab testing, preventative health care and allergy shots. Any additional charges associated with the visit will be the student’s responsibility.

NSU faculty and staff also have access to various services at NEOHealth such as workers’ compensation, drug screens, nonemergency acute care, drug testing and pre-employment testing.

Even with the change in health care costs, students will still find that NEOHealth offers affordable and flexible health care.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the average office visit co-pay for insurance provided by an employer is $24. The average co-pay through Obamacare is $28, according to CNN Money.

The benefit of NSU’s co-pay assistance in conjunction with NEOHealth’s sliding scale means NSU students will still have access to affordable health care on campus, with or without insurance.

Although NEOHealth has only been open since Aug. 15, students have already been visiting the new facility. Taylor Brown, Tulsa junior, prefers visiting NEOHealth so she does not have to drive to a doctor in her hometown.

“Everyone there is really friendly and really eager to help,” said Brown. “When I’ve gone, there has been quite a few people there needing to see a doctor, and they do a really good job of managing their time. Being a college student and not having a lot of money, it’s really nice that I have a place to go here and get everything done like at a normal doctor’s office.”

The new NEOHealth Medical Center is a convenient and affordable option for those a part of the NSU community, as well as the Tahlequah community as a whole.

The NEOHealth Medical Center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is located on the east side of the FIT at 529 N. Oak Ave.

For more information regarding the services offered and the prices associated, call the clinic at 918-444-2126.

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