Students benefit from buying local produce
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Students benefit from buying local produce

Published 8/30/16

Kelsey Baucom

TNE Writer

College student often face the struggle of money management. When it comes to shopping for groceries, it is to a student’s advantage to buy from local farmers’ markets. Almost every community has its own version of a farmers’ market, although it may differ from city to city.

Tulsa’s farmers’ market started in 1998 and has grown from just a handful of participants to supporting almost 80 vendors today. Its growth has been beneficial to local vendors and businesses, as well as consumers. College students have much to gain from focusing on local produce.

“I never came to farmers’ markets when I was younger,” said Alisha Thompson, TU senior. “I just didn’t pay attention to them. But now that I’m living on my own and having to take care of myself, it’s one thing I’ve found that makes my life a little easier.”

For most students, college is a time when they become much more self-dependent. This means they are moving away from home, cooking their own dinners and buying their own groceries. Farmers’ markets are especially beneficial to students because the produce sold there is more fresh, healthy and usually less expensive than buying from big grocery store chains.

“Most of the time I can find everything I need at the market for less or at least the same as I would pay at Wal-Mart,” said Kristen Wilkinson, TU junior. “It’s definitely worth it to buy from here because it’s fresh fruits and vegetables that you’re not going to find at big stores.”

These benefits extend to NSU students no matter which campus they call home. Tahlequah has a great farmers’ market offered Saturday mornings through the month of October in Norris Park.

“Buying local helps support local families and is much more healthy eating,” said Sue Riccelli, Tahlequah market vendor for Heaven Sent Food & Fiber. “Students need good nutrition to keep their brains and bodies functioning properly to learn all they can in their desired fields. It also keeps them close to their community, and gives them the opportunity to make contacts for future job prospects.”

When students utilize their local farmers’ markets, they are supporting their community, as well as doing their own health and wallets a favor.

To find out more about Tahlequah Farmers’ Market, visit Regular updates are also posted to their Facebook page.

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