College students experience anxiety
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College students experience anxiety

Published 9/5/16

Shanna Kyle

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According to Trinity College, anxiety disorders are among the most common issues college students face today.

Like depression, anxiety disorders can run in families. Symptoms of an anxiety disorder can include rapid breathing, sweating, feeling nervous and trouble sleeping. One may also experience anxiety or panic attacks. Anxiety or panic attacks are episodes with intense fear, dizziness, heart palpitations and stomach discomfort.

“I tend to get anxious when I know I have assignments due but also have to work,” said Hannah Christy, Wagoner senior.

According to Trinity College, when anxiety begins to affect one’s schoolwork, job or relationships, the help of a mental health professional should be sought. As many as 1.6 percent of healthy individuals experience anxiety.

Individuals experience anxiety in different ways about different things. Treatments for an anxiety disorder include medication, therapy or, in some cases, a mixture of both.

“My health has contributed to my anxiety in a major way during college,” said Shiann Hill, Wagoner senior. “Starting my sophomore year, I started experiencing odd episodes of falling asleep at random times, feeling fatigued and even experiencing seizures. This unfortunately caused me to miss a lot of my classes.”

Christy believes eating healthy meals and a good work out make her feel better.

In college, students are surrounded by unhealthy food and alcohol. Students can also experience a lack of sleep.  

According to Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing, breathing slowly, following a regular sleep pattern and surrounding oneself with a positive environment can help decrease anxiety.

Hill’s medical issues have decreased since she started eating healthier, working out and surrounding herself with positive people.

Adopting habits of eating healthier, working out and trying to get enough sleep in college may be difficult for some, but in the end, it could have positive benefit in dealing with anxiety.

 Not everyone experiences anxiety as severe as some. Cameron Hudson, Skiatook sophomore, only feels anxious about tests, because he is not sure what is exactly on them.

“College is all about doing fun things while you can and just going with the flow,” said Hudson.

For students who are experiencing anxiety, contact the RiverHawk Wellness Center at 918-444-2126. The RiverHawk Wellness Center is also open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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