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Time management helps college students achieve a stress free year

Published 9/5/16

Hillary Garrett

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Time management is something most college students have not mastered the art of doing.

Cengage Learning conducted a survey regarding time management among 3,000 college students. When compared to high school, almost half said they did not struggle more with time management in college. However, 88 percent said they changed the way they time manage.

Alix Long, NSU alumna, said she learned how to manage her time while in college.

“I was never very good at managing my time until I got to college,” says Long. “It was difficult at first, but after a while it became a natural part of my day. It made my college career much more efficient and less stressful.”

According to College Board, there are eight tips to take control of time. These tips include finding peak work times, making to-do lists, getting sufficient sleep, and remaining focused.

Hunter Dennis, Checotah sophomore, ensures she gets plenty of sleep for the day ahead.

“Being on the NSU pom squad, sleep is necessary for me,” says Dennis. “Managing my time also requires sleep, so I feel refreshed and am able to plan for my week.

Savanah Butler, Fort Gibson resident, said she manages her time best in the afternoon when she had spare time.

“When I was in school, time management came easy for me, but only in the afternoons,” say Butler. “I would come home from school, and I would plan out my week on Monday. It helped knowing what my week looked like so I could also do extra curricular activities if all my assignments were completed.”

There are things that can improve time management skills. Rassmussen College gave tips to help college students manage their time. First, read the course calendar. This will help in knowing when assignments are due, allowing planning ahead for activities on campus or in the community. Second, plan ahead. Completing assignments in advance is beneficial. Third, make schedules and checklists and stay organized. Having a planner is beneficial when learning how to manage time. It will help with organization and clarity. If checklists are made, put all weekly assignments on it and check them off as they are completed. Lastly, stay healthy. If staring at the calendar is overwhelming and causing a headache, take a break. Go grab a coffee and a quick bite to eat to rejuvenate.

Jena Harrington, Checotah senior, said taking breaks in between assignments and different tasks is vital when managing her time weekly or monthly.

“I get sidetracked very easily, so taking breaks helps me think and strategize my week,” said Harrington. “In high school when I would do my homework, I didn’t have to take as many breaks because my work load was small. Now, I have to take a few breaks in between my assignments to think and regroup.”

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