Couch to 5K class starts soon

Published 1/26/17

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Kayleigh Snider, TNE Writer

Four weeks have passed since the new year, and there are still ways to fulfill healthy New Year's resolutions. Continuing Education is having a Couch to 5K class in February and March. The class is open to anyone in the community or on campus who would like to participate.

Water offers health benefits for the body

Published 11/15/16

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Kasidee Webb, TNE Writer

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to keep the body healthy. The body is composed of about 70 percent water. Water plays an essential role in the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, excretory and nervous systems, along with metabolic reactions, maintenance of skin components and a prevention of a number of disorders. Water provides fluid balance by helping transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature and digest food. The body loses water through breathing, sweating and digestion. It is vital to rehydrate.

FIT offers affordable fitness options

Published 9/22/16

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Hannah Nielsen, TNE Writer

Trying to stay healthy and fit in college can be challenging to many students. Common excuses for why people do not work out include: not enough time, not enough money for a gym membership and not knowing what to do on the machines at the gym. The NSU RiverHawk Wellness Center offers a different approach to staying fit by offering a variety of fitness classes completely free for students.


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