FIT offers affordable fitness options

Published 9/22/16

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Hannah Nielsen, TNE Writer

Trying to stay healthy and fit in college can be challenging to many students. Common excuses for why people do not work out include: not enough time, not enough money for a gym membership and not knowing what to do on the machines at the gym. The NSU RiverHawk Wellness Center offers a different approach to staying fit by offering a variety of fitness classes completely free for students.

Students eat healthy on a budget

Published 9/13/16

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Kasidee Webb, TNE Writer

Healthy eating can be expensive, and being a full-time college student makes it more complicated to eat healthier meals. Living on campus, students have limited food choices. On NSU’s campus, the meal plan choices of food are Chick-fil-A, WOW, Miss Annie’s, Flo’s, Pizza Hut, The Grill and the cafeteria. There are not too many choices for healthy foods.

Students practice safe sex

Published 9/7/16

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Shanna Kyle, TNE Writer

Today there are over 20 known types of sexually transmitted infections. These infections were originally referred to as sexually transmitted diseases, but the current terminology is more reflective of the number and types of theses communicable diseases and also of the fact that they are caused by infection pathogens. Pathogens are a virus or other little organism inside of an individual that can cause diseases.

Time management helps college students achieve a stress free year

Published 9/5/16

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Hillary Garret, TNE Writer

Time management is something most college students have not mastered the art of doing.

Cengage Learning conducted a survey regarding time management among 3,000 college students. When compared to high school, almost half said they did not struggle more with time management in college. However, 88 percent said they changed the way they time manage.


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