NEOHealth clinic brings change to the NSU community

Published 8/25/16

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Hannah Nielsen, TNE Writer

On Monday, Aug. 15, NEOHealth Medical Center opened its doors as NSU’s on-campus health facility. NSU worked with Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers Inc. to bring a new clinic to Tahlequah that will serve NSU students, but faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community.

Tahlequah helps the community one veggie buck at a time

Published 8/24/16

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Lauren Redden, TNE Writer

The Tahlequah Farmers’ Market is held seasonally downtown at Norris Park. It is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping facilitate the sale of products by vendors. Tahlequah Farmers’ Market was created nine years ago and now has a total of 36 vendors who participate.

Drunkorexia affects college students

Published 4/21/16

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Jolene Hawkins, TNE Writer

Drunkorexia is a slang word that is used mainly by college students to describe a person who restricts food calories in order to make extra room for more alcoholic substance calories later on that night. According to an article from The University of Texas, studies have shown that 30 percent of women between 18 and 23 diet so they can drink more. Libby Rogers, director of NSU Student Health Services, said doing this can be extremely damaging to a person body.

Students give fitness tips

Published 04/18/16

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KenLea Henson, TNE Writer

With summer approaching, students are exercising. However, in most cases people tend to give up after not seeing results quickly. With some tips and information, students can achieve their goals by what motivates and helps their peers.


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