Career Services gets students “LinkedIn” with potential jobs
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Career Services gets students “LinkedIn” with potential jobs

Published 4/5/17

Madeline Jurus

TNE Writer

LinkedIn is a familiar name on the internet, but many could say they have little to no clue what it is or what it is for. In April, NSU Career Services will have a workshop explaining what LinkedIn is and how it can help students find jobs after college.

“LinkedIn is a good tool for any professional in the workforce, but especially for college students and recent graduates because it is a good way for them to put their name out in the world,” said Sarah Tilley, career events specialist.

LinkedIn is a professional social media website for individuals to network and make connections with other professionals in their career field. They are also able to market their skills and experience on their profile. The website allows students to upload their resume and search for groups and employers that they may be interested in learning about or working for.

“I got about 10 job interviews using LinkedIn, many within just a couple days of applying,” said Hillary Nickels, NSU alumna. “A few of them were out of state, too. One was for a social media company in Dallas and the other was for a marketing position at a law firm in Austin. It’s a handy tool for finding job opportunities out of state.”

One feature on LinkedIn is the ability to send businesses one’s profile and info with one click. After filling out their profile with information, education, work experience and their resume, members can hit the “Apply with profile” button on a company’s page, and the site immediately forwards their profile to that company to be reviewed, which can save time that would be spent filling out applications.

“Career Services’ number one goal is to prepare and aid students in joining the workforce after graduation,” said Tilley. “We are holding the LinkedIn workshop because LinkedIn is a great tool for doing just that. As technology becomes increasingly important in our society, students will need to familiarize themselves with the basics of networking over the internet.”

 The workshop will cover basic etiquette for LinkedIn, as well as how to create a profile, what a profile should look like, what should be included on a profile and what is appropriate and inappropriate for cyber networking.

“I used LinkedIn to connect with students, professors, career service professionals from other universities and professionals in a variety of fields,” said Allison Gardner, NSU career counselor. “Recently I’ve begun connecting with other professionals in a variety of fields in order to inquire about internships for our students and that has been very professional.”

Career Services will also take professional headshots for students who attend the workshop to add to their profiles.

The LinkedIn workshop is at 2 p.m., April 12 in the Morgan Room in the University Center.

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