Individuals showcase photography through Shutterbugs
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Individuals showcase photography through Shutterbugs

Published 4/11/17

Shanna Kyle

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Muskogee’s Shutterbugs Camera Club allows members of any age to showcase their photography each month. The club is made up of professional and beginner photographers. Shutterbugs is all about the enjoyment of sharing the same passion and hobby with others.

Shutterbugs is Muskogee’s oldest photography club. The club has been around for about 25 years.

There is no age limit for individuals who wish to participate in Muskogee’s oldest photography club. The club has members as old as their late 80s. Shutterbugs asks that members share some of the images they have captured during the month and meet once a month. If members choose to, they can have their images judged and published. For members who wish to get their images published, there is a fee for the judges. It is $20 for singles and $30 for family, for one year. The Shutterbugs’ year begins in December.

“I was looking though the Muskogee Phoenix and saw the Shutterbugs’ submissions in the paper,” said David Jones, Shutterbugs publicity manager. “After seeing the submissions, I decided I would join.”

Jones has made many of his best and now lifetime best friends while being a part of the Shutterbugs Camera Club.

For individuals who wish to become a member of Shutterbugs, all one must do is attend their monthly meeting. Shutterbugs meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Their next meeting is at 6:30 p.m., April 11 at the Muskogee Public Library. During the meeting there is a 30-minute teaching session and then a preview of the submissions from the previous month. 

Many members of the Shutterbugs get together on the weekends to take pictures. The members will go to different events around Northeastern Oklahoma to shoot. With spring in full bloom, many of the Shutterbugs members are visiting Okmulgee’s Jandebeur’s Motor Sports, the drag races at the Tulsa Motor Speedway and local rodeos.

“I love to take pictures of my kids doing anything and everything,” said Holly Gillin, NSU alumna. “They are only this age once, and I will need blackmail for when my kids get older.”

For many of the Shutterbugs, photography is a hobby, but for some it is a career. Either way, anyone and everyone is welcome to join the club. Members can enjoy the company and work of the other members and still share their work, as well at their monthly meetings. If a member does wish to have their work judged and published in the Muskogee Phoenix, there will be a small annual fee which varies for singles and families. 

“I love how photography can show people a different prospective of things that most people would not necessarily think of,” said Blake Shylock Shearrer, Tulsa resident.

For more information on Shutterbugs, visit or

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