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NAB, Sodexo sponsor late-night breakfast

Published 4/25/17

Fiona Hakanen

Contributing Writer

It is that time of the year again. The finals week of spring semester is getting closer and many students are starting to feel the pressure with tests and assignments coming up. Northeastern Activities Board offers late night breakfast for all students during finals week. The main goal of the event is to relieve students’ stress and get everyone together to enjoy a free meal. The late-night breakfast is a tradition that NAB has organized every semester for the past several years.

Normally, the late-night breakfast is the first day of finals week. The breakfast is a come-and-go type of event where students can pop in at any time between the opening hours and stay as long as they like. In addition to serving traditional breakfast food, the late-night breakfast has karaoke that students can participate in.

“Man and Man comes every year and runs the karaoke for us,” said Rachel Jackson, NAB chairperson of the board.

NAB and Sodexo put on the event for students to cure the late-night hunger while studying. The event also provides an opportunity to socialize with friends during the stressful week.

“Students should come because it is a free meal, karaoke will be going on, and it will be upbeat and entertaining,” said Conor De La Rosa, NAB administration.

To be able to enter the UC café for the free late-night breakfast, students must show their NSU ID. NAB recommends students come early if they want to get a table and good seats for themselves. In the past, the anticipation for the late-night breakfast has always been big among students.

“What beats breakfast for dinner,” said Ashley Kindle, Westville junior. “The breakfast is just a great little stress relief for us to start our finals week off with two of the best things, friends and food.”

Although cooking breakfast for hundreds of students during one night can seem like an undertaking, NAB and Sodexo succeed in organizing the event together at the end of every semester.

“It has been a huge hit in the past, and we have had anywhere from 600 to 800 students come in and out,” said Bryan Harris, NAB committee chair.

This semester, the late-night breakfast is from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., May 1, in the University Center café.

For more information, call NAB at 918-444-2526 or visit NAB office at UC B01. 



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