Students and faculty attend APPLE Training Institute in Washington, D.C.
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Students and faculty attend APPLE Training Institute in Washington, D.C.

Published 9/20/17

Trenton Morgan

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Select students have been invited to fly to Washington, D.C. to participate in the APPLE Training Institute. APPLE is to help promote student-athlete wellness and substance abuse prevention. The event is presented by the Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the University of Virginia, and it is funded by the NCAA.

“This training will give our students the opportunity to have a voice and help establish a substance abuse prevention action plan that is specific to NSU,” said Jamie Hall, assistant athletic director for academic services. “I am interested in learning how substances impact a student’s ability to succeed academically and athletically. I also am curious to see what prevention methods are the most successful among Division II. Most importantly when we bring back and implement the action plan, these students will be a core group on the prevention team.  I hope to take away the skills to educate students on the influence of substances and to ultimately be a resource for someone should they need a person to reach out to.”

Hall said NSU was chosen by the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association as one of two nominees to the NCAA. There will be four students attending. The students going will represent student athletes, Greek Life and student engagement. The individuals were chosen based on their interest in substance abuse prevention and for their drive for student leadership and outreach.

“I want to be able to bring this to Panhellenic and sorority life,” said Cailey Morrow, Owasso sophomore. “My personal goal is to be able to bring back a better way to communicate to students how to be aware of drug use and how to safely drink. I think it’s good for every college to attend. No matter what, college students are going to participate in drug and alcohol-related activities, but I believe it’s a college responsibility to teach new and old students how to do it in a safe and responsible manner. I think with the APPLE training I will be able to help students in a way that other people may not be able to.”

While at the APPLE training, students will attend sessions from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The sessions vary from understanding problems, learning strategies to combat them, seeing ways to implement them and meeting people to learn from. Students will have their transportation, lodging and meals all completely paid for.

Jessica Boone, student athlete advisory committee member, said that the goal is to help the campus. Although the opportunity to visit a new place is exciting, Boone said learning what APPLE has to offer in regards to identifying and helping others with a problem is the main benefit.

“My goals for attending APPLE are to have more people aware of the problems we are currently facing with alcohol use on our campus,” said Sara Swarer, coordinator of outreach and prevention. “It is significant that NSU is represented as we were chosen out of our conference in the MIAA due to the number of athletes our school has. Students will be able to have an active role to come up with our alcohol action plan. This will make it more student-friendly and applicable to the student body we have on our campus. I am looking forward to learning what other schools have experienced and how they have dealt with their situations, which are most likely very similar to ours. This will force us to come to some conclusions about what we need to do to get ahead of the alcohol use problem.”

The students will leave on Sept. 22 and return Sept. 24.

For more information, email Hall at or visit the APPLE Training Institute website here.

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