Students eagerly anticipate first floor coffee shop
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Students eagerly anticipate first floor coffee shop

Published 9/28/2017

Tyler Utt

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The NSU University Center has been a hub for students to gather for years now. The UC houses food services, conference rooms and offices. One food service offered is Flo’s, a booming coffee shop on the third floor.

Flo’s officially moved into the UC in 2011 when Wilson Hall was closed to the public forcing, a new location. The layout that was created for Flo’s was ideal for a student who needed an hour to lounge and drink coffee.

Over the years, there was the realization that the relaxing paradise was being missed by multiple students due to its tucked away location. A plan was implemented to make the coffee shop more approachable.

 “Students have been vocal the last couple years about a specific item they wanted to be provide by our food operations,” said Chris Adney, director of auxiliary services. “Sodexo would release a survey, and one of the main items that students would like to see was a Mexican concept.”

Adney said it was the start of a huge project. One way to make this kind of thing happen was to expend a contract plan with NSU’s food provider, Sodexo. In doing so, they negotiated a cash investment from Sodexo in order to provide construction for the new food addition. The investment also allowed the school to improve on current establishments. One of those being a coffee shop on the first floor of the UC.

The current plan is to take the Auxiliary Service offices, which are currently located on the first floor of the UC, and move them to the third floor. Renovations are currently taking place in the Dogwood Room to make those into the new Auxiliary Service offices.  Once offices are moved, construction will swiftly begin to build the first floor coffee shop.

The shop will not be Flo’s, but everything Flo’s is and more. The fate of the current Flo’s is planned to be moved back to Wilson Hall when it launches. Regardless if Wilson is completed in time, the projected completion of the first floor coffee shop is around spring 2018.

“I am excited for this change,” said Jerilyn Willie, Tahlequah junior. “I feel like moving the coffee shop to the first floor will be very beneficial for new students, but would not really affect the students who already go to Flo’s. It just means I won’t have to go to the third floor to get my coffee.”

Willie said she is excited to experience all these additions to the NSU legacy. She cannot wait to walk through the newly renovated Wilson Hall and is excited to experience Flo’s in its home location.

“I had no idea we even had a coffee shop,” said Shawn Pruitt, Tahlequah freshman. “I feel like I am a perfect example of why they are moving to the first floor. If I had known there was a coffee shop, I would have been there almost every day.”

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