NSU organizes live auctions of surplus equipment on campus
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NSU organizes live auctions of surplus equipment on campus

Published 10/2/17

Valeriia Efimenko

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The university organizes auctions periodically for the disposal of surplus equipment and supplies. Auctions are open to the public including university students, faculty and staff. The surplus public auctions usually occur once a year in the fall.

“This is the first time NSU is having two auction in the same day,” said Kim Coffman, NSU purchasing coordinator. “The first auction starts at 9:30 a.m., and the second auction starts one hour after the conclusion of the first auction.”

Items will be available for preview before the actual auction. Pictures of items can also be viewed on auctionzip.com. However, purchases can be made only at the event.

Items that go into the NSU auction are items that are no longer used by NSU departments. Departments have the option to see if they need any of the items before they go into the auction.

NSU employees are welcome to participate in the event. Tom Lechtenberg, NSU head athletic trainer, said he attended one of the auctions at NSU last year and had a successful experience.

“The university had closed The FIT section in the UC and they were selling off the old fitness equipment and weights they didn't need in the new location,” said Lechtenberg. “I bought some weight plates to use with my home gym. The auction portion went really well, and when I had won the weight plates, the purchase was easy.  I walked out of the auction with my items later that day.”

The auction is based on how many people are bidding on the item and how high they want to go.

“There is no price set on the items,” said Johnny Johnson, NSU purchasing agent. “People just bid, and the item goes to the highest bidder. We even work with K-12 local schools. They can just fill out special forms and come get the items that they need.  We have a lot of stuff for the auction this year such as vehicles, workout equipment, dump trucks and many more. I think we will have a good turnout with all the stuff we got.”

Some of the items that will be presented at the event are Chevy pickups, a Case backhoe, a Ford backhoe, a Ford 10-wheel dump truck, a Ford van, student chairs, office chairs, conference tables, computer equipment, optometry equipment, tumbling mats, printers, student desks, office desks, lounge chairs and popcorn popper.

Any money that comes from surplus auction goes back into the NSU general fund that is used for other items on campus. It is a positive experience to see people to come in and find the items they need, bid on them and get them for affordable prices.

The first auction takes place on at 9:30 a.m., Oct.5 at 703 N. Cedar for equipment. The second auction is one hour after the conclusion of the first auction at NSU's Receiving Department warehouse located at 148 Short Street.

For more information, call Coffman at 918-444-2173 or email coffmakm@nsuok.edu.

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