NSU campus map receives digital makeover
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NSU campus map receives digital makeover

Published 10/2/17


Marissa Mitchell

TNE Writer

NSU’s campus has had numerous changes since 2000 alone, and administrators decided it was time for a university map makeover. A program that launched in June 2017, NSU’s new interactive map features a digitized version of each of NSU’s three different campuses. All maps are complete with 3D renderings of campus buildings, as well as select 360 degree views. The maps are also mobile friendly.

The NSU University Relations wanted a fresh and new way to present the outdated print versions of the NSU campus map from years past that students and visitors could still find on campus. Ben Hardcastle, vice president of University Relations, has found maps that were published in 2003 still being circulated for use. Hardcastle was a part of the creative team for the project. He enjoyed the amount of great teamwork it took to achieve their final product.

“University Relations was researching alternatives for developing a printed map other than using the Google Maps platform and found a company on the web called ‘Campus Bird,’” said Hardcastle. “They were contacted by us and we began the negotiation process.  One of our student workers Tabby Talbot and University Relations staffer Melissa Parton did most of the development work on the project. NSU Parking did a great job getting all the information correct and Student Affairs is funding the monthly expenses of the project.”

Startup costs for the project, which included renderings of the NSU campus, ranged around $7,000. The monthly upkeep of the map averages $348.

Once on the map, a menu is presented to assist in choosing what to look for on the map. Features range from points of interest to building names. One feature the creative team was sure to add was the different types of parking that are available in different parking lots on campus. 

For incoming students, it can be a challenge to navigate Tahlequah’s nearly 200-acre campus. The new interactive map even has a setting for new students, showing a basic outline of places students will need to visit at one time or another during their time at NSU. 

Nathan Neu, McAlester sophomore, is a transfer student and just recently moved onto campus. According to Neu, the interactive map has been a godsend.

“I used it so many times before I moved down,” said Neu. “I get stressed out about these things frequently, so over the summer I would peruse the online map and scout out where I would go to my classes I had enrolled in. I also used the map to find out where my dorm would be, because Wyly Hall is tucked neatly away in a little corner of NSU that would be difficult for newcomers to find.  This map helped rid away a plethora of stressful situations for me.” 

To help encourage students and faculty members alike to explore the interactive map, the creative team started the “Where’s Turner?” game campaign. Participants were invited to search and find the green and white striped-clad President Turner character on each of the three campus maps. If the participants found each of them, they won a prize. Lydia White, Barnsdall senior, was one of the lucky winners and won an NSU lawn chair.

“It actually didn’t take me very long,” said White. “I was sitting in the John Vaughan Library and needed a break from what I was doing. I thought to myself, ‘Why not check out what these emails are talking about?’ Within 5-10 minutes I actually found President Turner for all three campuses.”

The “Where’s Turner?” game will once again be available in the spring semester of 2018.



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