Irish Heritage Tour strives for immersion
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Irish Heritage Tour strives for immersion

Published 10/11/17

Trenton Morgan

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The NSU Honors Program is sponsoring an Irish Heritage Tour next semester. The tour is open to all students, faculty and community members. The trip costs about $3,000, but there are scholarships available by application.

The Irish Heritage Tour will be nine days long and be central to the Dublin, Cork and Killarney areas of Ireland. For the study abroad tours, a group of 30 students is made with students from universities across the U.S. There is a group leader for the tours who schedules and oversees the group. The tours like to focus on full immersion of culture, so the group stays only in local hotels and eats only at local restaurants. With the learning opportunities, tours have legitimate representatives teach on the tours.

“It’s kind of like opening a book about the Irish heritage and history and literally stepping inside it and experiencing the history by walking through the city,” said Dr. Karen Carey, Honors Program director. “I set a goal as director about 10 years ago to try and foster this initiative of allowing an opportunity for students to be able to travel abroad. These trips really help students realize that people really are the same all over the world. I think it just helps everyone to understand that the world is not as big as we think it is. With a car, it depreciates, but these experiences will never leave you and they will become a part of who you are.”

By studying abroad, students widen their worldview. Although some may view a trip just as a trip, learning an entirely new culture makes people compare what they know to what they have learned. The things learned abroad vary greatly from what can be learned in one place, and that knowledge helps a person stick out to employers on a resume.

“I chose to go on a study abroad trip simply because I want to see the world,” said Peyton Turner, Tulsa junior. “I think everyone should participate in at least one study abroad trip because it’s like a vacation, but in an educational way. The company you travel with gets the best certified tour guides to tell you the most interesting history on the tour locations, plus they're usually the most charismatic. College is a time to really find yourself and experience as much as you can in your four years of semi-adulthood. I learned so much and the memories I made with others on the trip will stay with me for a lifetime.”

The Irish Heritage Tour can be taken for credit, but that is optional. The benefit to taking it for credit hours is that it will appear on a transcript. The course would include a pre-departure meeting, an essay before departure about the location, collecting seven artifacts while on the trip, a post-trip meeting and a presentation about the trip.

“I’ve been on numerous study abroad trips,” said Gemini Creason-Parker, Honors Program study abroad chair. “While I enjoyed some more than others, each gave me memorable experiences that fuel my love of travel today. If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to go for it. You only live once, and you never know when your last breath will be. Don’t just exist; live, explore and have adventures. Study abroad is a great way to do just that.”

The tour is scheduled for May 21 – 29. However, the dates are flexible depending on groups formed with other universities. Students can sign up online at, view the trip itinerary and look at payment plans.

For more information, email Carey at or visit the Honors Program office in Library 119.

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