Students attend science and technology seminars
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Students attend science and technology seminars

Published 10/16/17

Valeriia Efimenko

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The NSU department of science and Dr. John de Banzie, biology professor, arranged a seminar series for the academic year. Science and technology seminars are lectures, where different professors from other institutions are invited to give a speech. They tell students and the public about the researches they do and what they have found during that research and share information. The main goal is to give the campus and general community an opportunity to learn about ongoing scientific research from the scientists who are carrying out that research.

“Our students get the opportunity to meet and talk with the speakers and learn about research and graduate school opportunities,” said de Banzie. “Our faculty members get to talk to colleagues from other institutions, which sometimes leads to collaborative research projects.”

There are six one-hour seminars in the fall and spring, and one happens every two weeks.

“You learn new information from different fields,” said Janaki Iyer, biology assistant professor.  “You get exposed to all kinds of disciplines. It helps you to understand different fields better because you are listening experts from those fields.”

The seminars are given by the invited speakers. De Banzie invites the speakers, arranges for the rooms and the publicity and acts as a host for the speakers on the day of their seminar.

“Speakers will present data related to a potential impact of climate change on the environment, an important topic,” said Cindy Cisar, biology professor. “Students should attend the seminars so they can have better understanding of impact of climate change on the planet and organisms on earth.”

Some professors offer their students extra credit to attend the seminars, but some students come for lectures on their own to gain more knowledge in their area of interest.

Julia Mathis, Broken Arrow senior, said she attended the first seminar for extra credit for her evolution and diversity class.

The experience is much better this year, because my senior seminar class discusses the seminar a week prior,” said Mathis. “I learn at the seminars more areas of biological studies, and the different ways to network for future graduate school opportunities. I really enjoy how each speaker reaches out to help undergraduate students to get involved or connected with people in areas of interest.”

There is no charge to attend the seminar and the series. Events are open to all who wish to attend. The lectures begin at 3 p.m. at the NSU Tahlequah campus in the Science Building, Room 160. For more information, call De Banzie  918- 444-3828 or email

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