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John Vaughan Library clear of bedbugs

Published 12/18/18

Austin Headlee

TNE Senior Staff Writer

The John Vaughan Library confirms the library is not the host to a bedbug infestation after a comprehensive search on Wednesday, Dec. 12. However, the presence of bedbugs may still be present from outside sources. 

The library showed no signs of infestation after treatments performed in the library from EcoLabs and Facilities Management. Facilities Management continues to spot clean areas around campus where bedbugs are sighted.

“It’s important to note that there hasn’t been an infestation found,” said Jon Asbill, Facilities Management assistant vice president. “We have not found a colonization or an established group of bedbugs found in the library at all. We have an emergency kit of quick-response spray, so if we see one we can go spray an area to contain. Then, a thorough cleaning where you vacuum, spray with Lysol or something that will kill the bug and kill any eggs, and dispose of the vacuum bag for that area. If there were an infestation or anything like that then it becomes much more in depth, but if it looks like someone carried one into a space, we try to contain the space and keep a really close eye out on it.”

Facilities treated areas previously containing bedbugs with products that last up to 60 days to get rid of bugs in the area. The products should be effective throughout winter break.

NSU is confident an outside source is bringing the pests into the library. Bedbugs are not commonly sighted in large, well lit rooms, but it is not uncommon for bedbugs to be spotted in libraries.

“We are very positive that what is there is being brought in by someone or something, whether is a book being returned or it is a person that has it on them,” said Dr. Jerrid Freeman, Student Affairs vice president. “The next steps are now to identify the individuals or items who are bringing it.”

The John Vaughan Library has updated its procedures dealing with bedbugs to match the regional and national library standards. NSU continues to spot check areas where bedbugs were found, and the staff are looking for any potential bedbugs hiding around campus.

“Trained staff are routinely inspecting public areas across campus, and that activity will be intensified next week when most of the students are off campus,” said Ben Hardcastle, University Relations vice president. “We are continuing to conduct inspections. Additional treatments will be applied as needed throughout the month.”

Students, staff and others who visit the campus should report any potential bedbug sightings to the staff so the proper procedure may take place.

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