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NSU police officers awarded for their achievements

Published 1/24/19

Martin Juventus

TNE Writer

The NSU Police Department is spread over all three campus locations with a 24-hour schedule. It is rare for the campus police to have a get-together. Chief Patti Buhl decided to take the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with dinner to thank the campus police officers and recognize their achievements. Officer Dewayne Goad, criminal justice graduate student, works as campus police officer on the Muskogee campus. He was recognized as the 2018 officer of the year.

“Officer Goad was recognized for his professionalism, dedication and diligence,” said Capt. James Bell. “He has worked at the Muskogee campus since 2011.”

Two other officers, Officer Amanda Craig and Officer Jimmie Robertson were awarded the educational achievement award. This award is only issued for officers who complete over 200 training hours in a single year. Officer Craig completed 343 training hours and Officer Robertson completed 281 training hours.

Throughout the year, NSUPD also raised money from fundraisers including a pet food drive in November. Officer Troy Shatwell came up with the idea after learning there was a need for pet food at the local shelter. Officer Shatwell decided to combine the pet food drive with “No Shave November” to raise money for pet food.

NSUPD also participated in the Great Cycling Challenge USA. The goal is to raise money for the kids fighting cancer. It was the first time NSU participated in the Great Cycling Challenge, but Capt. Bell said it is possible they participate again in 2019.

By the end of 2018, NSUPD received 679 incident and 134 crime reports. Over 400 traffic stops and 11 DUI cases were reported, and 19,327 calls were dispatched with 1468 fire trouble signals and 101 fire alarms responded to.

NSU has fire alarm systems in every building which are monitored and tested to ensure proper functioning. If there are any issues, perhaps a smoke detector is dirty or there is a communication problem, the alarm sends a trouble signal. When the trouble signal is received, NSUPD sends an officer to ensure the trouble signal is addressed and not hindering the proper functioning of the alarm system. The trouble alarms repeat until the issue is resolved.

“We could receive several trouble signals throughout the day or days until the alarm contractor can arrive to replace or repair the part,” said Capt. Bell. “When a trouble signal comes in, we don't know what the issue is until someone goes to the alarm panel to see and read what the specific problem is, and we can then put in a work order to request the problem be resolved.”

There are always officers on duty who can be reached through the 24-hour dispatch. Students can also report incidents and suspicious activity through the Omnigo Community app. The app can be downloaded on any smartphone. NSUPD also offers services such as safety escorts, operation ID, motorist assistance, seminar classes and other services.

For more information about campus police, call NSUPD at 918-444-2468 or email them at

For emergency or crime reporting, call 918-451-2111 or 911.

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