Women to Women Day offers networking, inclusiveness opportunities for university women

Published 3/9/17

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Dae'lyn Smith, TNE Writer

The American Association of University Women is the nation’s leading voice promoting equality and education for women. The organization is over 75 years old and has provided opportunities and scholarships for university women. This month, AAUW is planning an on-campus event called Women to Women Day to promote women inclusiveness and networking.

Remembering Rowdy: The impact of Sean Cookson

Published 3/2/17

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Matt Reynolds, TNE Writer

NSU has lost a vital individual in the Tahlequah community this week. Many across the Tahlequah campus may not recognize the name Sean Cookson, but many students, faculty and people in the community have come in contact with him. For the last year, Cookson has served as Rowdy the RiverHawk.

SEA drag show to raise awareness for LGBT community

Published 2/21/17

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Madeline Jurus, TNE Writer

Campus organizations put on events throughout the year to raise awareness for their cause or to raise money. This semester the Stonewall Equality Alliance is putting on a drag show to raise money for themselves and the Openarms Youth Project, a Tulsa based LGBT youth nonprofit organization.

Mandatory fee breakdown informs students

Published 2/20/17

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Thomas Gardner, TNE Writer

According to the tuition cost calculator on NSU’s website the cost to attend NSU for four years is $43,068. That is assuming the student lives on campus for two years and off campus for two years. Broken down, that equals an average yearly price of $10,767. NSU’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness published a fact book on their website stating NSU’s average enrollment over the last five years is 8,630 students per year. Even if the price is broken down further to the semester price, once that number is multiplied by the average number of enrolled students, the amount is over $45 million per semester. Keeping that number in mind puts some of the student fees into perspective. 


Students reflect on Higher Education Day

Published 2/20/17

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Madison Durham, TNE Writer

Last Tuesday, 10 of NSU’s students spent the day in Oklahoma City for Higher Education Day. Higher Education Day is when students, university faculty, and state officials meet to discuss various topics affecting universities all over Oklahoma. They began the day with a luncheon with senators and representatives from areas throughout Oklahoma. During that time, the students had the opportunity to ask questions about higher education. 

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