Drug, alcohol possession on campus results in consequences

Published 3/27/17

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Shanna Kyle, TNE Writer

Being in possession of drugs or alcohol on campus can have serious consequences.  NSU is a dry campus. This means there is absolutely no alcohol allowed on the campus at any time. If students are caught with alcohol or controlled substances on their person while on campus, they can get arrested and face possible expulsion from school.

Turnpike Troubadours return to Tahlequah

Published 3/27/17

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Hannah Nielsen, Editorial Board

Turnpike for Tahlequah is a community concert event that will benefit the Tahlequah Area Habitat for Humanity and further their goals of building houses for Tahlequah community members. Five NSU Media Studies students are organizing the event on behalf of TAHFH. The featured band, Turnpike Troubadours, has agreed to headline the event as a way to give back to their hometown. The concert will also feature openers from Finches in the Attic and River’s Edge Band.

City starts rolling toward new skate park

Published 3/20/17

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Thomas Gardner, TNE Writer

With the vote deadlocked, Jason Nichols, city of Tahlequah mayor, was called upon to break the tie and did so in favor of soliciting bids for a new city skate park. That is the latest update on the Tahlequah skate park. Along with the city’s budget for this fiscal year there was an amount of $250,000 that was approved and set aside for the possible upgrading of the skate park. When the budget was first approved that number stuck out amongst some of the locals as an unnecessary expense.

Women to Women Day offers networking, inclusiveness opportunities for university women

Published 3/9/17

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Dae'lyn Smith, TNE Writer

The American Association of University Women is the nation’s leading voice promoting equality and education for women. The organization is over 75 years old and has provided opportunities and scholarships for university women. This month, AAUW is planning an on-campus event called Women to Women Day to promote women inclusiveness and networking.


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