International travel ban causes concern for university campuses

Published 2/9/17

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Jessica Henry, TNE Writer

College campuses across the country have welcomed international students for many years. Students travel to the United States from numerous countries to study a broad array of topics during their college years. The recent ban on travel for some countries has affected students who are currently living in the U.S. or could potentially affect those who plan to travel for higher education purposes.

Advisers guide students

Published 2/8/17

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Bailee Harmon, TNE Writer

Most students do not know when is the right time to declare their major, and some students come to college not even knowing what they want to do when they leave here. Advisers can help guide students in a direction they may want to go.

Resources help students study

Published 2/8/17

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Bailee Harmon, TNE Writer

Study resources are available to students all over campus.

Within the library itself, there are three different places to look for information. These are the online catalog, the special collections department and the archives department.

Kappa Phi searches for Kappa Fella

Published 2/8/17

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Dae'lyn Smith, TNE Writer

Kappa Phi is a Christian-based organization for NSU women. Kappa Phi provides an opportunity for women to experience personal growth, a supportive community, a deeper understanding of God and a commitment to positive actions. This is Kappa Phi’s third semester on campus as a recognized organization, and they currently have 41 members.


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