Physics major returns to NSU campus

Published 2/28/18

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Tabby Talbot, TNE Writer

Two students will be graduating this May with a new major offered at NSU under their belt. Tucker Mastin, Tahlequah senior, and Joshua Goins, Owasso senior, will be the first two students to graduate with an applied physics major.

College of Liberal Arts introduces Master of Social Work degree

Published 2/22/2018

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

In the fall of 2018, the College of Liberal Arts social work department will be offering a Master of Social Work. This degree will prepare students with a Bachelor of Social Work with more abilities and knowledge that will advance them in all of their general levels. With the master’s program coming forward, students who undergo the curriculum will focus their studies on one of four areas: indigenous and rural communities, behavioral health, children and adolescents or older adults.

Science department showcases Science and Tech Seminar Series

Published 2/22/18

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Jalen Porter, TNE Writer

The science department on campus provides students with a variety of information in different science fields. The science department will soon have an event called “Straight from the Camel’s Mouth: Investigations into North American Pleistocene Paleo Environment.” The event will give information about using fossil evidence to determine the diets of ancient relatives of camels and, from this, the climate in ancient North America.

Center for Tribal Studies showcases Silent Auction and Luncheon Fundraiser

Published 2/22/18

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Jalen Porter, TNE Writer

The Silent Auction and Luncheon Fundraiser is an annual event organized by the Center for Tribal Studies and American Indian Heritage Committee. The Center for Tribal Studies has become one of the central resources on NSU’s campus. They support academic effectiveness, enhance the quality of student experiences and initiate scholarly activities.


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