The FIT adds to their facilities

Published 1/26/15

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KenLea Henson

TNE Writer

Since the new Fitness Center recently opened on campus, students, faculty and the public have enjoyed its spacious facilities and cutting edge equipment. 

Not only does The FIT have new equipment, but it also offers a double basketball court and an indoor track.

Crosswalk strikes controversy amongst the campus

Cady Cooper, Wagoner junior, presses the crosswalk button to cross the street. The crosswalk button is a safe way to cross Grand Avenue during the lunch rush at the UC.

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Matthew Dorr TNE Writer

From Seminary Hall to the University Center, students at NSU are quite familiar with the loud, beeping crosswalk signal on Grand Avenue. It is located between the entrance of the UC and the Fine Arts breezeway. This crosswalk has heavy student use during the day, especially during the school week.

Diversity is vital on college campuses

Published 12/3/15

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Atlanta Proctor

TNE Writer

With recent happenings at the University of Missouri, students are forced to stop and think about just how important diversity on a campus is. Students in Missouri had to protest for weeks for racial injustices to be noticed, and until the university’s football team refused to play until the president of the university stepped down. Protestors and students had begged for the president, Tim Wolfe’s resignation for weeks before any action was actually taken.


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