Alumni Association offers benefits

Published 2/5/16

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Jesse Crittenden, Contributing Writer

The NSU Alumni Association has been around for decades, being able to trace its first president back to 1951. However, some NSU students were not aware of the benefits the Alumni Association had to offer; therefore, the Alumni Association created an organization that connected current NSU students to NSU alumni.

Wilson Hall gets a makeover

Published 01/29/16

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Charity Muehlenweg TNE Writer

The College of Liberal Arts is watching and waiting as construction begins on Wilson Hall. The building, which will house the College of Liberal Arts once completed, was once used for women’s housing but has not been in use for the past several years.

Students and faculty cherish their days in Seminary Hall

Published 1/29/15

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Charity Muehlenweg TNE Writer

Many changes are coming to Seminary Hall and many are questioning what that will mean for the College of Liberal Arts. The renovation is being done in combination with Wilson Hall and most operations that take place in Seminary will be moved to a brand new, renovated Wilson Hall.

NSU honors students fulfill research requirement

Published 1/28/16

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Mercedes Montoya, Multimedia Writer

Members of the honors department at NSU must complete a research project in order to maintain honors scholarships and graduate with honors standings.

Every fall semester, NSU enrolls a new class of freshmen. Among this class are a select few whose outstanding high school academic careers have earned them membership in the honors department.


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