NCAA continues to strive to strike out tobacco

Published 11/17/15

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Brooklynn Peek

TNE Writer

NCAA has a message for baseball players who choose to dip, “If you spit, you sit.” Among all the collegiate sports, baseball is top ranked as chewing tobacco/dip users according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is no surprise that chewing tobacco/dipping and baseball go hand-in-hand. It has been a trend for years. It has become part of the history and part of the image.

New texting law challenges the community to refrain from phone usage while driving

Published 11/1/7/15

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Kortney Harris

TNE Writer 

Texting while driving has been known to be a large cause of casualties in car wrecks. From texting, scrolling on social media or even taking calls while driving, people are put at serious risk of car collisions.

NSU makes steps to provide a better sense of security on campus

Published 11/12/15

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Kyle Kidd TNE Writer

A college campus is within itself a community, and with every community, there must be a watchful eye to serve and protect the people within the community. NSU is no exception. With a community as large as NSU, sadly there will always be someone who could bring harm, whether to a person or property within the NSU community.

Students can prevent extra weight gain this fall and winter

Published 11/10/15

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Brooklynn Peek

TNE Writer

Fall can be described as a time for semester cramming, all-nighters and holidays. Along with these infamous fall activities, brings weight gain in some college students. On average, 70 percent of students gain up to 20 pounds during the fall and winter seasons. However, there are ways to avoid these statistics.


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