Anxiety disorders continue to strain college students

Published 11/3/15

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Brooklynn Peek

TNE Writer

College stress levels continue to rise daily. Students struggle to find balance when juggling grades, classes, work and friends. Anxiety can intervene with students daily routines. 

Students struggle to balance family and education

Published 10/27/15

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Brooklynn Peek TNE Writer

Raising a child can be a hard task, imagine raising a child as a student. It is unlike working outside the home in many ways. However, with the right set of priorities and time management skills, students can develop strategies to help find balance while being a parent as well.

Studying maintains essential to student’s success

Published 10/23/15

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Keajon Guidry

TNE Writer

Attending a university offers robust and diverse opportunities for students to further their lives and enjoy a fruitful career. However, the road to success is not always traveled easily.  Students’ study habits are the determining factor as to whether or not they will make it into their career field.

Sugar claims its victims

Published 10/23/15

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Keajon Guidry TNE Writer

Many people do not realize how much sugar they consume in a day. The consumption of sugary drinks and food has become as common as drinking water if not more so.

“I have no idea how much sugar I consume on a daily basis, I imagine it changes on a daily basis,” said Breanna Kellehan, Claremore junior.

Many people wonder if sugar has caused a portion of the population to form an addiction to it.


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